ACT 2021 Photoshoot

Art Direction, Styling

After designing the brand identity and packaging for ACT - a new brand producing handmade mesh bags - we have now collaborated for the brand's exciting photoshoot! Taking the brand name, "Act", as a starting point, we wanted to create a playful world full of colors and dynamic. The colorful bags were imagined in (some surreal) spaces, consistent with the vibrant color palette of the collection. The brand motto "Wherever you want to take it", was also a leading idea, resulting in the different usage scenarios of the bag, ranging from the beach to an aerobics class. 


Art Direction & Styling: Yeraz Gökbaş

Photography: Arsen Bolak

Makeup Artist: Elif Akşit

Models: Gülşah Çelik, Sedef Bingöl

Studio: DCM Production